Annual Assessments & Payments

2019 Annual Assessment

$1,118.00 - Due January 1, 2019

Make an Online Payment

To set up an account for online payments you will need your five digit account number, the management company ID (3129) and the Association ID (163).

Management Company ID - 3129

Association ID - 163

Please Note: We Do Not Accept Postdated Checks

Checks Are Deposited When Received

Mailbox Keys

Mailbox keys are obtained through the Post Office. For questions, you may contact the Post Office at 800-275-8777.

Trash & Water

Trash & Water service is provided by the City of Pearland.

For new service, visit

to complete the application.

They can also be reached at 281-652-1603. 

Trash collection days are Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

Home Improvements

Please complete and submit an ACC application for approval prior to beginning any exterior improvements, modifications or repairs to your property.

Please note that ACC applications that require permits from the City of Pearland need to be submitted with the improvement application. Applications will not be reviewed unless the required permits are included.

ACC Application