Annual Assessment & Payments

2020 Annual Assessment

$1,000 – Due January 1, 2020


To set up an account for online payments you will need your five digit account number, the management company ID (3129) and the Association ID (148).

Management Company ID - 3129

Association ID - 148

Please Note: We Do Not Accept Postdated Checks

Checks Are Deposited When Received

Community Information
Report Streetlight Outage
Mailbox Keys

Mailbox keys are obtained through the Post Office located at 1313 Pin Oak Road, Katy, Texas 77494.  For questions, you may contact the Post Office at 800-275-8777.

Water District

Willow Point MUD - 281-368-8397


Trash service is provided by Willow Point MUD. They can be reached at 281-368-8397. Texas Pride Disposal has been hired by the MUD to provide trash collection services.  Trash collection days are Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Recycling will be collected on Tuesday’s.

Pool Information

Please keep your tags for next year - THEY DO NOT EXPIRE

Pool Info & Access Tags


2020 Pool Hours

10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Weekends Only

May 2 - May 17

Full Time (Tuesday - Sunday)

Saturday, May 27 - August 16

Open Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day

Weekends Only

August 22 - September 7

Open Monday, September 7 - Labor Day

Closed MONDAY’S for cleaning.