Annual Assessment & Payments

2022 Annual Assessment

$750 Due January 1, 2022

Online Payments

To set up an account for online payments you will need your five digit account number, the management company ID (3129) and the Association ID (178).

Management Company ID - 3129

Association ID - 178

Please Note: We Do Not Accept Postdated Checks

Checks Are Deposited When Received

Meeting Information
Water District

Woodtrace MUD #1

Water District Management can be reached at 281-376-8802.

Trash Service

Trash collection days are Monday’s and Thursday’s.

If you have a question or an issue with your trash service please contact either Woodtrace MUD #1 or Best Trash directly.

Woodtrace MUD #1 (281) 376-8802

Best Trash  (281) 313-2378